US Fellows and SightSource

Partner with SightSource Eye Bank and earn credit towards opportunities offered by the eye bank.


The partnership between Sight Source and International Cornea Foundation will create the opportunity for steady market expansion while providing the funding and resources necessary to make advancements within the eye-banking industry. Advancement will be realized through a variety of research and development projects in addition to providing a variety of surgeon specific ‘experiences’ that will either provide continuing education opportunities, encourage further involvement within eyebanking or give back to those less fortunate through International mission work.

What is SightSource?

Established in 2017 and conveniently headquartered in the heart of the Midwest, Sight Source’s mission is to enhance lives through new eyes. With our sights set on restoring vision to all, its partnerships with industry leading eye banks enables Sight Source to provide high-quality ocular tissue that is being used by surgeons and researchers around the world to give people a second chance at sight.

What is the mission at Sight Source?

Partnering with health care professional and industry leaders to provide a convenient and unparralled level of service in the logisitics and delivery of high quality ocular tissue used in restoring the gift of sight to patients worldwide.
We are happy to partner with surgeons to help support and provide the necessary tissue for training to research needs.

Earn Meaningful Experiences

In an effort to not only differentiate ourselves from other organizations and ocular tissue suppliers but to also show appreciation for our surgeons while contributing to the industry through continuing education, active involvement or mission work; we are providing an ‘experience’ of the surgeon’s choice upon reaching a preset milestone. How is an ‘experience’ earned? An ‘experience’ can be earned in one (1) of two (2) ways:

1) Performing 65 cornea surgeries in which tissue was ordered through Sight Source.
2) A combination of tissues ordered through Sight Source in addition to monetary donations to ICF made by patients of the surgeon.

Either after 65 tissues have been ordered or once a combination of tissues ordered and donations made meet the specified criteria, Sight Source and ICF will contact the surgeon to coordinate the ‘experience’ of their choice.

Eye Bank Experience

ICF Fellows for Sight Source that continue to utilize Sight Source for their ocular tissue needs after Fellowship have the opportunity to visit a partner eye bank to receive the traditional ‘eye bank experience.’
During this short 2-3 day visit, the surgeon can expect to see the various stages of the tissue’s journey beginning with receiving the initial potential donor information all the way through to shipping out a surgically cleared & potentially processed tissue for transplant use.

Support the New Procedure Adoption:

Sight Source and ICF are committed to helping prepare surgeons with the ability and confidence to perform the most innovative and beneficial surgeries for their patients.
This means we will provide prepared DMEK training tissue and a whole eye for practice prior to scheduled surgery, provide various DMEK processing options (Central adhered, Scleral notch, S Stamp, Pre-Punched, Pre-Loaded), & provide a back DSAEK tissue .