After earning a degree in education and teaching biology for 2 years, Sheindel missed the interaction with patients that she experienced during her three summers at the National Institutes of Health, where she conducted research in the Women’s Malignancies Clinic. It was then that she accepted employment at Mid-Atlantic Cornea Consultants, led by Sudeep Pramanik, MD, MBA, FACS. In this position, she has observed many fascinating surgeries including procedures of complex and congenital cataracts, and different corneal transplant methodologies. She also oversees many projects at Mid Atlantic Cornea including website development, patient education materials and social media marketing.

As a part of the ICF, Sheindel aims to make corneal transplants a more meaningful experience by  fostering relationships between recipients and donor families. It has been rewarding for her to be a part of a practice and a foundation that aim to bring excellent eye care and vision restoration treatment to other communities. Sheindel has also designed and developed the website for the ICF.

Having observed the barriers preventing donor recipients from receiving required organs due to race, ethnicity and culture of the recipient, involvement in the ICF has allowed Sheindel to begin to see the first stages of widespread access to proper medical care that everyone deserves, something that inspires her in her pursuement of a career in medicine.


“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”           -Helen Keller
“I believe that the greatest form of satisfaction comes from doing good that can not be repaid.”
“Do not be scornful of any person or thing. For there is no person without his time, and no thing without its place.” -Ethics of Fathers

Recent Publications

Ifrah S, Edelman D. “The Bnos Yisroel Bridge Program: A unique approach to experiential science education through the National Institutes of Health Summer Internship Program.” Pending publication 2018.

Recent Presentations

Ifrah S, Edelman D. “Accupuncture for the treatment of neurological disorders such as TBI and Stroke.” Presented at the National Cancer Institute, 2013.

Ifrah S, Gordon N, Lee JM. “The Comet Assay as a surrogate in assessing DNA Double-stranded breaks in ovarian cancer cells.” Presented at the National Cancer Institute, 2014.

Ifrah S, House C, Annunziata C. “Effect of chemotherapy and stem cell targeted agent on ovarian cancer stem cells in spheroid.” Presented at the National Cancer Institute, 2015.