What is the ICF tax ID number?

The ICF tax ID number is:

Is the ICF a Tax Exempt organization?

The ICF is a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization.

Is my donation to the icf tax deductible?

To the extent of the law, all donations made to the ICF are tax deductible, as long as no goods or services were exchanged. You will receive a email confirming your donation, which can be used as a reciept for your tax statement.

Where is my donation reciept?

For online donations, your reciept will be emailed to you confirming your donation. You will also recieve a paper copy of your reciept in the mail, along with a certificate of your donation.

For any donations made through paypal.me/internationalcornea, email, phone, or mail, you will receive a paper confirmation by mail within 30 days of your donation.

Is it possible to refund my donation?

Because donations goes directly and immediately to helping patients, the ICF cannot issue refunds at this time. However, if we make a mistake or you would like to retract your monthly donation subscribtion, you can email us at info@internationalcornea.info or call us at (410) 616-9952.


You can modify, update, change or cancel your monthly donation at any time. Just email us at info@internationalcornea.info or call us at (410) 616-9952 during our business hours, and we will be happy to help you make changes.

How much of my donation goes towards ICF services and programs?

Since our team of doctors personally subsidize the administrative overhead, 100% of ICF donations go directly to patient care services and programs.

Is my donation secure?

We use paypal to process our online credit card donations. To learn more, visit paypal, here.

Is it possible to make a donation in honor of someone?

Donations can easily be made in someone’s honor. On our donation page simply enter the name of the person you wish to honor in the designated box. If you would like us to send them a certificate informing them of your donation, email us at info@internationalcornea.info.

Can I make an annonymous donation?

If you would like your donation to be annonymous, simply check the designated box. We will keep your contact information to send you a reciept and for other donation updates, but your name will not be listed as a donor on any of our platforms.

How do i make a donation by phone or mail?

Making a donation by phone or mail is simple!

Call us at (410) 616-9952

Monday-Friday; 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Or, mail a check with your contact information, and if the donation is intended in someone’s honor to:

6569 N Charles St.

Pavilion West, Suite 505

Towson, MD 21204

Can I make a donation without being added to the icf mailing list?

You will not be automatically signed up for the ICF mailing list without subscribing to do so. If you do subscribe and wish to stop receiving emails, simply use the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of every ICF email, or email us at info@internationalcornea.info for assistance.