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Address: 6569 N Charles St Suite 505, Baltimore, MD 21204

Phone: (410) 616-9952

Business Hours: 7:30-3:30 M-F


ICF Opportunities:


The Mary Jane Vance Fellowship

A program designed by Dr. Sudeep Pramanik, which trains surgeons in America and returns to their home country where the hands-on training and supervision continues, in order to provide more accessible care in the surgeons’ area. This model has been proven successful in India, and is now being implemented to service Ethiopia.

The US Surgeons and SightSource Program

SightSource, an eye-bank dedicated to delivering the highest quality ocular tissue, has partnered with the US Surgeons of the ICF to grant opportunities to tour eye-banks and attend all expense paid conferences.

Donor-Recipient Correspondence

In order to bring meaning to the corneal transplant experience, the ICF has set up a program to connect recipients of donor tissue from SightSource with their donor families.

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