Who We Are

Founded by Sudeep Pramanik, MD, MBA, the International Cornea Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to restoring vision all over the world by bringing the teaching expertise of award winning surgeons from Johns Hopkins to other countries and communities in need.

What We Do

The ICF offers a fellowship program for international doctors to train with our surgeons in America and subsequently return to their home country where we continue the hands-on training and supervision.

Why We Are Different

While other programs take US doctors overseas for a short program to operate on a finite number of patients, instead, our model provides months of training and preparation for foreign doctors in wet lab and clinical settings in Baltimore, followed by local surgery programs and eye banks that are supported over years.

Our Success


Prevent Treatable Blindness

In India alone, 3 million people go blind from preventable causes every year. Since 2006, we traveled to India and taught DSEK, advanced corneal transplant surgery, to over 30 surgeons in  over a dozen different centers.

Training Local Surgeons

204 cases have been performed by the ICF’s trained fellows in India between 2006-2008. Moreover, our team has successfully trained surgical staff to keep the centers equipped to continue providing care for their communities.

Eye Banks

In addition to training surgeons and surgical staff, the ICF has also trained three donation counselors in India, in order to eliminate the stagnant donation rate, and provide tissue for 3000 people in need of cornea transplants every year.

Accessible and Affordable Care

This model of training has been proven in India to allow for sustainable, high-quality care at the local level, by enhancing the network of skilled doctors, all in all providing highly accessible and affordable care.

Meet Sheindel Ifrah

 Administrative Coordinator, Website Developer

“I believe that the greatest form of satisfaction comes from doing good that cannot be repaid.”

Meet Sudeep Pramanik, MD, MBA

Founder, Mary Jane Vance Coordinator

“When we are driven by love, we can’t help but discover great success.”

Meet Angelique Pillar, MD

Mary Jane Vance Ophthalmologist

“I feel everyone deserves to enjoy their sight to the fullest.”

Meet Jessica Byer, COA


“I opened two gifts this morning, they were my eyes” -Unknown


US Surgeons and SightSource Partnership

The ICF has partnered with SightSource to create the opportunity for steady market expansion while providing the funding and resources necessary to make advancements within the eye-banking industry.
“Having the opportunity to work in an industry that every day, changes the lives’ of people around the world for the better is beyond rewarding. We’re extremely lucky and beyond thankful to not only work alongside such dedicated professionals at the ICF, but to have the ability to thank them by helping to provide the resources and funding necessary to continue making advancements within our shared industry.” -Sight Source Executive Director, Josie Foster.
Advancement will be realized through a variety of research and development projects in addition to providing a variety of surgeon specific ‘experiences’ that will either provide continuing education opportunities, encourage further involvement within eyebanking or give back to those who are less fortunate by participating in international mission work.

Our Next Step

Based on the proven success of our training model in India, we have recently partnered with surgeons and teachers from the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in order to further cultivate this model in Africa. Subscribe to our blog so that you may follow our journey.

Meet Fasika Woreta, MD

Fasika A. Woreta, M.D., is an assistant professor of ophthalmology at the Wilmer Eye Institute. She specializes in corneal and external eye diseases, including cataracts, and refractive surgery. Her research interests include corneal diseases as well as ocular immunology.

Fasika, who originates from Ethiopia, joins the ICF to contribute her expertise in the field of ophthalmology, and assist in forming relationships with doctors in Ethiopia. With her help, the ICF hopes to facilitate the next part of our mission.

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How Your Donation is Used

  • Educational Programs 70%
  • Research 30%
  • Administration 0%


Our doctors personally subsidize administrative overhead, so 100% of your donation goes directly to patient care.